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Almost 1 billion people are living with a mental illness worldwide.

“Mental illness can happen to absolutely everyone. It can happen to you.”

Stigma, discrimination and human rights abuses against people with mental illness are widespread.

Here we want to tell you about our lives with mental illness in Palestine to make you understand that we are people like yourself who want equal treatment, respect, and support to lead the lives we value.

Get to know us!

Scroll down to read, listen and learn from our experiences of living with a mental illness. Discuss with us how everyone can contribute to improving our situation by answering three questions and making a pledge.

Audio recordings of the book
(in Arabic)

Our questions for you

Now that you got to know us, we would like to ask you some questions. We would appreciate if you could leave your answers below so we can learn from your opinions and experiences.

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Make the pledge

Latest comments and pledges

Let’s help change this situation!

  1. كنت متوقعة انو المريضين نفسيا بواجهو صعوبات بلمجتمع الفلسطيني وكنت بتمنى اني ما انصدم من معلومات الكتاب بس الي تعلمتو…

  2. حسب المجتمع. انا عيشت بمجتمعين وكل حدا فيهم اعطاني شعور مختلف. بس بشكل عام المجتمع هوي بلنسبة لالي الراحة هوي…